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About Testemale Fine Woodworks

Phil Testemale has been producing furniture and woodwork of the highest quality and design since 2000.

Phil lives in Gonzales – an older neighbourhood in Victoria and is a graduate of the Camosun College Fine Furniture Program (1999/2000). There he was awarded as the top graduating student, and was a co-winner of the program's annual furniture design and construction contest.

Design Inspiration

Phil derives inspiration for his furniture design from many places: from nature – the west coast; from architecture – Art Deco, Japanese; and from furniture design movements past and present - Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Krenov, and others.

First and foremost, the design process starts with the idea of where the furniture is going to live and with whom, from there inspiration and form are brought together to arrive at unique and beautiful pieces of furniture.


One of the main reasons Phil began to work with wood and build furniture is the joy and satisfaction that comes with taking an idea and raw materials and using techniques and skills that are tried and true to create something to be used and admired. The experience is challenging, and tactile, and such craftsmanship and passion is not something found in production furniture. This represents a value that makes Phil's furniture so much more than a commodity.


Phil greatly values the environment and social fairness. What does this mean for furniture design and construction? A commitment to use as many high quality and beautiful local woods as possible; to source and reuse recycled materials wherever possible; to avoid the use of endangered exotic hardwoods and by using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified woods and supporting fair trade programs; ensuring that any plywoods are FSC and use low toxicity glues; and striving for finishes that are non-toxic.

Perhaps the most compelling environmental argument is that you are buying furniture that is designed and built to last many lifetimes, from a local, small-scale craftsman who has put part of his heart and soul into each piece.